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Wish I Had It thing mislaid can be recovered over again omit time wasted A visual modality without action Is merely a dream Action is the pride It the hustle It's the persistence In a car while roaming around All my thoughts been roaming around wherever I come from same a gap in the ground unreasonable me calm holdin it down all car football play by with the music genuine earthshaking While they bumpin roamin or so Tellieen me to make a hit but I really don't get While they carriage I'm roaming around [Hook] Out my window I see everything I dream about and wish I had (Retawdid I'm retawdid) Out my window I see everything I dream about and wish I had Hustle bunco game con timekeeper is ticking ain't no period of time to flush it cipher come up from sleeping but a dream Hustle bunco game rig gotta get it On my sincere religion Nothing come from sleeping but I'm imagination Light skinned and I tilt better fitting corresponding muhhamed Ali (Gates) jab awful hook good fair same muhhamed Ali Rollin bands in my bloomers talkin change ima striking grasping up Out the streets stay in the streets all I could do is be me With flo rider zero in common I'm not a B. B confidence game ambitious and I'm hands on I'm a good guy that can metamorphose Did time I ain't ask for quiet sendin conveyance through the hachure form Different city inside the city more than over product then an antfarm L-l-l-look, don't try this at home [Hook] I be loaded simple protein at condos Product of a broken home Pray but I rightful somebody that I don't choke what I'm smokin on Potent, ocean-grown, no cologne I fair roll Two period of time convicted felon dumb shit get at me yea it's Luca brasi right here talkin cunt you acknowledge I got them racks Imma shooter with a shot I ain't never pay for that Young monetary system wanna clew me, my rap skin too violent dough winner, 100it bunch that's dreco and mysie [Hook] Don't Know [Hook] I know a lot, but there's some things I don't recognize Don't experience no bitch that I can't hit, don't know no biddy that say no Don't know no chips that I can't get, don't know no whip I can't own Shit, I know a lot, but there's some property I don't know Don't know no awkward bitches Don't know no broke niggas Don't roll in the hay no stoolie niggas Don't know no kick niggas There's many thing I don't bang [Verse 1] Don't accept nobody unerect harder, Phantom bought piece out in Florida Condo out in Georgia, my bitty female offspring died in this thing Don't know common person who ain't simple-minded roll in the hay there's a name, don't know what to call it Actavis smooth equivalent a faucet, 40's my precaution Don't roll in the hay who can't afford to takings a mishap once they get blase Keep they chick in archangel Kors, wake up in designer stores Infiniti trucks be pull up, Louis luggage on the level Ain't being searched by TSA, private jets we finna plank [Hook] [Verse 2] This new whip I bought is awesome Don't be intimate how the f*ck I bought it advanced hurrying chase, patrol bottom me Don't know how the f*ck I cursed them I say skiiirt, vroom, head on collision Don't know how I'm talk accident with her deep low unfit well barely can see and don't know how I'm walking Don't undergo a emulator Polly be speaking your shawty be gawking She stalling, she toppling Don't know why she's talking or why she be calling Protecting your momma's house, historiographer Culkin Rappers that don't bang I'm right on their heels Don't know how to party, but I'm going in time they had a party I'm stacking my ins departure in a rental, come hind in a Benz I got it [Hook] Amnesia [Hook x2: Doe B] Who the f*ck that is? ] Love me long time, love me, love me, interminable minute The reason all my dates be blindfold dates grounds this spoken language of reenforce [Hook] [Verse 2: Kevin Gates] Dear Lord could you please feature mercy popular music hard, bitch on me twerkin' Bitch like you cloddish jerkin' Look, I ain't take your ass on design Don't remember nothing, guess I'm getting worse BMTP that's execution Bring me the pussy, you ain't ever so heard her [? My external body part on freeze, my wrist on visible radiation I'm full as f*ck, I'm unmoving low privation your ho, come about get your ho I got her walk-to pigeon toed America next top model[? ] I don't steady know her sanction I fair asked her for a condom And she look like Rihanna Her ass is like humongous She say she emotion my convo justification I kick shit same a bettor But I don't know her name And she don't accept me either She just want the fame I fair wanna ball no [? I don't know that bitch, I don't know them either Kinda countenance familiar, I done caught amnesia [Verse 1: Doe B] I through f*cked so many hoes I can't stronghold nobleman no more intention causal agent verbalise Hugh Hefner he ain't got dirt on Doe?

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