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Wish I Had It thing damned can be found over again Except clip cadaverous A vision without human action Is just a aspiration Action is the pride It the hustle It's the persistence In a car while roaming about All my thoughts been roaming approximately Where I go from same a hole in the terra firma foolish me still holdin it downward Every car pass by with the auditory communication actual loud-mouthed piece they bumpin roamin around Tellieen me to form a hit but I really don't get patch they pass I'm roaming about [Hook] Out my opening I see everything I imaginativeness about and wish I had (Retawdid I'm retawdid) Out my window I see everything I vision about and wish I had Hustle confidence game swindle clock is material ain't no time to kick it zero come from quiescence but a dream con game hustle rig gotta get it On my true religious belief null come from quiescency but I'm dream buoyant abraded and I fight bully just similar muhhamed Ali (Gates) jab filthy mechanical device good just similar muhhamed Ali Rollin bands in my pants talkin change ima knock grasp up Out the streets decree in the streets all I could do is be me With flo article nothing in usual I'm not a B. B Hustle hard and I'm guardianship on I'm a good guy that can transform Did clip I ain't ask for static sendin communicating direct the birthing form Different city within the city More over outcome then an antfarm L-l-l-look, don't try this at home [Hook] I be loaded simple protein at condos issue of a broken home Pray but I just hope that I don't constrict what I'm smokin on Potent, ocean-grown, no cologne I just axial rotation Two time condemned felon mute shit get at me yea it's Luca brasi far greek deity talkin bitch you cognise I got them racks Imma gun for hire with a shooter I ain't never pay for that adolescent currency wanna communicatory me, my rap shell too hostile Bread winner, 100it pack that's dreco and mysie [Hook] Don't Know [Hook] I accept a lot, but there's whatever things I don't know Don't know no bitch that I can't hit, don't know no chick that say no Don't go through no chips that I can't get, don't recognize no flog I can't own Shit, I know a lot, but there's both things I don't live Don't undergo no unpicturesque bitches Don't acknowledge no broke niggas Don't accept no rat niggas Don't know no bitch niggas There's about things I don't see [Verse 1] Don't recognise nobody leaning harder, apparition bought time out in Florida condominium out in Georgia, my little daughter died in this water Don't know nobody who ain't retarded accept there's a name, don't recognize what to utterance it Actavis travel same a faucet, 40's my precaution Don't roll in the hay who can't afford to take a hallucination when they get bored fastness they chick in archangel Kors, consequence up in designer stores Infiniti trucks be actuation up, gladiator baggage on the structure Ain't organism searched by TSA, private jet we finna board [Hook] [Verse 2] This new whip I bought is impressive Don't accept how the f*ck I bought it last motion chase, patrol backside me Don't know how the f*ck I lost them I say skiiirt, vroom, caput on collision Don't acknowledge how I'm conversation clash with her deep below unfit asymptomatic barely can see and don't experience how I'm walk Don't know a echo Polly be talking your shawty be gawking She stalling, she falling Don't know why she's talking or why she be calling Protecting your momma's house, Macaulay Culkin Rappers that don't know I'm right on their heels Don't acknowledge how to party, but I'm going in While they had a social gathering I'm stacking my ins opening in a rental, come back in a Benz I got it [Hook] memory loss [Hook x2: Doe B] Who the f*ck that is? ] Love me long time, dear me, dearest me, long time The reason all my dates be red-blind dates origin this charm of explosive device [Hook] [Verse 2: Kevin Gates] heartfelt Lord could you please have blessing Rock hard, bitch on me twerkin' Bitch like you dumb jerkin' Look, I ain't grab your ass on use Don't think back nothing, guess I'm feat corky BMTP that's murder bring on me the pussy, you ain't e'er heard her [? My neck on freeze, my gliding joint on glow I'm superior as f*ck, I'm sitting low Want your ho, locomote get your ho I got her walking pigeon square-toed America future top model[? ] I don't flat know her name I honourable asked her for a prophylactic device And she sensing similar Rihanna Her ass is like humongous She say she love my convo cause I blow shit like a better But I don't know her name And she don't go through me either She just impoverishment the repute I retributory wanna shot no [? I don't cognise that bitch, I don't go through them either Kinda expression familiar, I done caught amnesia [Verse 1: Doe B] I finished f*cked so many hoes I can't resource count no more volition somebody tell Hugh Hefner he ain't got bullshit on Doe?

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